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The ultraPURE line of products

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Ion Generator

Technical Data

The compact ion generator is a great solution for cleaning air in multiple rooms. The generator can be installed in any residential or commercial air handling unit (AHU) and can clean up to 2,000 CFM of air in standard air conditions.

If the environment is smoking or heavy kitchen, the device should be de-rated to 1,000 CFM of air. Make sure that the fan on the AHU is set to run continuously so that the air is constantly being purified for maximum cleaning. The ion generator is one of the least expensive options to provide clean air for your entire house or office.

This ion generator is perfect for:
Hospitals | Nursing Homes | Schools | Animal Feeding and Processing Plants | Shopping Malls | Laboratories | Veterinary Offices | Restaurants and Food Preparation Areas | Zoos | Casinos | Convention Centers and Arenas | Jails | Museums | Health Clubs | Churches and Synagogues

Purify Thermostat

Technical Data

The Purify Thermostat system provides the air cleaning ability of iAIRE's patented ion generator along with a BACNet enabled, Wi-fi thermostat so that you will always know your ionization device is working properly. A feedback loop from the ion generator will display on your thermostat letting you know that the ion device is working and keeping the air in your space clean.

The Purify Thermostat package comes complete with all the parts needed to install the ionization, feedback module and thermostat to make this system work correctly. It comes with the correct amount of ionization devices to fit your system.

For normal air conditions this would be:
• Residential (1 ion device, up to 2,000 CFM of air, 5-ton unit)

• Small commercial (3 ion devices, up to 6,000 CFM of air, 15-ton unit)

• Large commercial (6 ion devices, up to 12,000 CFM of air, 30-ton unit)

Ion Array

Technical Data

Designed to be installed in ductwork or air handling units and to actively clean air and provide a dry contact closure letting you know that the air is being cleaned. Arrays can be sized for almost any size ductwork and range from 1,000 CFM – 100,000 CFM. A predetermined slot is cut into the side of the ductwork. The array is slid into the ductwork and fastened into place. Power is connected to the control panel and if you desire feedback on operation you can bring the signal back to any building management system.

iAIRE has designed several predetermined CFM and array sizes, but any size and CFM combination can probably be achieved by contacting the factory. As with the standard ionization product, please make sure you inform us if this device is used in a smoking or kitchen environment so that the amount of ionization can be properly sized.


Technical Data

The iAIRE ionization kit provides a field installation kit for what iAIRE does in it’s ionization installation for packaged and split systems. The kits come complete with the correct amount of ionization for various tonnages of systems. These kits would be:

• 2-5 tons
• 6-10 tons
• 11-15 tons
• 16-25 tons
• 30-50 tons
• 60-75 tons

• 100 tons
• 125 tons
• 150 tons
• 175 tons
• 200 tons

The kits include the correct amount of ionization devices, mounting brackets, core sensor and transformer when required (transformer required when more than 4 ion devices). This allows for you to provide ionization in either a new or existing unit and provide feedback with a contact closure that your ionization is working.

Controls Package

Technical Data

This package utilizes iAIRE’s patented process of actively cleaning air with ionization while reducing the amount of energy that is normally used to heat, cool and dehumidify the outdoor air coming into a building. Because of the temperatures and humidity of bringing outside air into a building and getting this air to the correct temperature and humidity, bringing in outside air to keep a building healthy is one of the bigger energy costs for an HVAC system. By sensing both occupancy in the building and whether the air is clean or dirty, the controls package can deliver air that is both cleaner than normal and at a lesser utility cost.

These packages are designed to work with an existing roof top unit (RTU) of split system that has a damper and come in 3 size ranges (2-6 tons, 7-12.5 tons, 15 – 25 tons)

Clip-On Purifier

Technical Data

Designed to be used with a customer provided fan. The clip-on purifier clips onto the fan grates and has a piggy back plug so it can be used in series with other 120V plug in devices so that you can turn a standard fan into a device that not only moves air, but also provides ionization to actively clean the air and help remove odors from the space. Because of the piggyback plug, these clip-on purifiers can be used with multiple fans like happens when disaster restoration companies come into spaces to dry out water.

Ceiling Diffuser

Technical Data

The ceiling diffuser takes ionization and makes it easy to use by putting it into a device that can be dropped into a standard tile drop ceiling grid. The ceiling diffuser is 2’ x 2’ and is dropped into the ceiling grid. 120 – 277 V single phase power can be run to the register vent and can clean a 3,000 – 9,000 cubic foot space.


Technical Data

This unit has various fan sizes to clean from 3,000 – 18,000 cubic feet. Designed to be plugged into any 120V outlet, it can be in almost any space in a home or office and can be moved to areas of need and do the same active air cleaning that ionization provides. This device can be mounted with a hanging kit so that it can be used in basements and crawl spaces to help remove radon.

Register Vent

Technical Data

The register vent takes ionization and makes it easy to use by putting it into a device that can be installed in any 2 x 4 stud wall. An opening is cut into the wall and the register vent is pushed into place. 120 – 277 V single phase power can be run to the register vent and can clean a 3,000 – 9,000 cubic foot space.