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NY Governor mandates all Malls must have HVAC that filters Coronavirus to reopen.

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As the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to grow and with the threat of a second wave developing in the fall; federal, state, and local governments are mandating health policies to keep the people of America safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19. In fact, the State of New York is requiring businesses that attract large quantities of people to a single location, such as shopping malls, to outfit their Air Conditioning Systems with the ability to purify AIR to mitigate the spread of the virus in these large public areas. See link for details on NY Governor’s requirements.

Up until now, HEPA filtration has been the best-known method for cleaning air. In fact, many hospitals use HEPA filtration in their Surgery Rooms to help keep the air clean, reducing the spread of infection from bacteria or virus. However, even HEPA filtration cannot capture all the smallest airborne particles. Therefore, an additional method of ensuring the highest level of clean, sanitized air was needed. That process is “Bi-Polar” ionization. Ionization has been proven to remove Corona Virus’ including the one that causes COVID-19 from the air (see Independent Lab Studies below):

By combining HEPA filtration with ionization, iAIRE provides the single most cost-effective way to “filter” particles as small as the particles of the COVID-19 Corona Virus from the air.

However, since HEPA filters require a much higher system static pressure, HVAC designers have been reluctant to use them in most Air Conditioning systems. The higher static requirement means existing system fans cannot provide the capacity needed when HEPA filters are added to the system. Changing to higher capacity fans usually requires additional electrical requirements and space in the HVAC system, which typically is not available. Upgrading to a new HVAC system can often require a larger footprint than the current HVAC system and sometimes may not fit in the allocated space. The cost of acquiring a new HVAC system may be prohibitive in this current economic environment.

iAIRE possesses the technology right NOW to do this!

iAIRE can provide kits for most standard sized HVAC units that include the following: HEPA filters & filter racks, High Static – Low Power Consumption fans and ionization generators. These kits can be installed at our plant or at the jobsite providing facility owners and operators with the cleanest and safest indoor air quality for their employees, customers, and tenants. All of this is possible without the need to redesign existing systems. Please contact iAIRE for details at sales@myiaire.com or for information you can visit iAIRE’s websites: www.myiaire.com and www.myultrapure.com.

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what is Ionization?

So in case you were wondering what ionization is all about ...

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ultraPURE is an environmentally friendly solution for purifying air in interior spaces, especially adept at eliminating viruses, mold, smoke, pollen, dander and bacteria.

The best part? It does not produce nasty ozone, making it safe to use in occupied spaces. Whether you put ultraPURE in your home or use it to remediate problem areas, you can rest easy knowing that you are not generating harmful ozone while purifying the air.

Why iAIRE?

iAIRE's patented process allows you to utilize your
existing equipment to purify your air.

As building codes change, indoor spaces are actually "tighter" than ever. This causes indoor air to often times be more contaminated than the air outside. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors exposed to these contaminates.

ultraPURE reduces and eliminates

Viruses | Mold Spores | Smoke Odor | Pollen |

Animal Dander | Hay Fever | Asthma Symptoms |

Other Common Household Odors

Additional benefits

Reduction in radon levels or chemical odors

from cleaning products and other materials and fabrics.

How it works

ultraPURE is unlike UV bulbs that are fragile and costly to replace or HEPA filters that need constant replacing and maintenance.


The purification devices we use have no moving parts and do not use any chemicals or filter systems. This means you can install it and forget it.

What we offer

Whether you are challenged in dealing with living quarters, event spaces, laundry rooms, food preparation spaces or common areas, ultraPURE is able to resolve indoor air quality problems in any indoor environment.


This is accomplished through our environmentally friendly, tailor made solutions.